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Putangi Pinot Noir - Central Otago
Ref.Number:800000000341 Vintage:2020 Country:New Zealand Region:Central Otago Producer:Wet Jacket Website:www.wetjacket.nz Type:Red Wine
Style:Dry Body:Full Body Grape Variety:PINOT NOIR Volume:750MLml Packaging:6瓶/箱 btl/carton Best Serving Temperature:15-17℃
Why on earth would you name a new wine brand after one of the remotest, wettest, farthest from an actual vineyard, place in New Zealand? I had that exact question going around in my head back in 2015, when on a trip into Wet Jacket Arm on the MV Pembroke, I found myself anchored up there at the head of this sound soaking in its absolute majesty. This particular evening happened to be a sun soaked, glassy calm moment with reflections in any and all directions, where one could have done a headstand and it still would have made sense . Huge tall towering peaks standing as sentinels as if to protect this almost spiritual place. With the last of the days sunlight illuminating their rugged crowns, it is a place that has special meaning for those lucky enough to have ventured there. There aren’t too many places in New Zealand , let alone the world where you can gaze upon the scenery and know that this is exactly how it has looked for the past 10,000 years or more. Wet Jacket is one of those places That night I kept repeating the name … Wet jacket …could it work as a brand name, is there a memorable story behind it, will people buy into this story? And of course the most important can it be associated easily with a new wine brand, where the grapes are grown approximately 150 kms away in Central Otago. The answer to these questions and more was a definite Yes so the “Go “ button was pushed on a whole new exciting adventure.
Tasting Notes
      Aromatic with black berries, blueberry, cloves, licorice and spice Lush entry of cherry, chocolate and spice with coffee and plum tones. Cuisine Magazine - Best Pinot Noir NZ
Award & Ratings
*Cuisine Magazine - Best Pinot Noir NZ
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