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Kessler-Zink Rheinhessen Riesling Auslese
 From German Rheinhessen Region 
Ref.Number:800000000253 Vintage:2022 Country:Germany Region:Rheinhessen Producer:Kessler-Zink Website:www.kessler-zink.de Type:White Wine
Style:Sweet Body:Medium Body Grape Variety:100% Riesling Volume:750ml Packaging:6 btl/carton Best Serving Temperature:8-10℃
Since 1990 the Stütz family is owner of the Dohlmühle estate. The family does not only produce their own fine wines on acreage of 35 hectare, they also operate modern wine cellars and a bottling plant. In their work they combine approved old fashioned methods with innovative techniques of wine-making.
Tasting Notes
      Sweet but not too sweet, this lovely Rheinhessen Riesling will seduce any single sweet tooth. Enjoy it at any time of the day: in the afternoon with cakes & cookies; before a meal, as an aperitif; during a meal, with hearty cuisine and after a meal, like dessert wine.
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